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About Us

airplane window

Seen by Millions
Each day, millions of commuters gaze out of their airplane windows upon takeoff and landing from airports around the world. These commuters see mountains, rivers, cities, and white rooftops of large buildings.

Rooftops—A Blank Canvas
To us at RoofAds, these rooftops are a blank canvas, in effect the new billboard, the perfect venue for large-scale advertising. Imagine your company logo, painted with a durable elastomeric colored coating atop your building, visible to thousands daily from the air!

Cost Effective Advertising Packs a Punch
Our highly experienced team will create and maintain cost-effective advertising that will make a strong impression on millions of airborne consumers every year. Our maintenance guarantee will insure that the quality of your advertising will be sustained for years into the future.

The Leader in Bay Area Roofing

RoofAds, Inc is a fully licensed, bonded and insured corporation with over 25 years experience in rooftop coating.

RoofAds offers the high production standards of a professional roofing company, utilizing durable, weatherproofing materials and state-of-the-art, proprietary software. This process supports a customizing grid system, tailoring your advertising design to your rooftop.